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An alternative to vehicle lifts

June 22, 2017 -- Depending on the type of vehicle service required, wheel lift systems offer an alternative to vehicle lifts. Wheel lifts are air operated lifting systems designed to be used in pairs to safely lift only one end of a vehicle - from either the front or rear - by cradling the tires and wheels.

In addition, the systems can function as a support stand, allowing open access underneath a vehicle.

“Vehicles today are being built with maximizing fuel economy as a main goal,” explains Todd Michalski, vice president of sales and marketing for Gray Manufacturing Company, which specializes in manufacturing and selling portable lifting equipment for use by professional technicians ( “The lighter weight materials and the maximum use of aerodynamics is now the standard.

“These vehicle designs are not only difficult to lift, but there are fewer safe lifting points on many vehicles. The wheel-engaging lift method provides a safe and reliable lift point for any vehicle.”

What’s more, the use of wheel lifts can save shops time as there is no need to remove aerodynamic fairing and devices from a vehicle, he adds.

Gray Manufacturing introduced its Wheel Lift Systems in the early 1990s. They come in three different capacities. The WL-20 is capable of lifting 20,000 pounds, the WL-30 30,000 pounds and the WL-40 40,000 pounds.

The systems can be used for preventative maintenance; transmission removal and installation; clutch replacement; working on springs, axles, suspensions, wheels and brakes; and any other necessary under-vehicle repair, says Michalski.

Wheel Lift Systems have an adjustable lift height, making them helpful for shops with limited ceiling height, he says. They are fully portable so they can be used inside and outside a shop. Spring-loaded casters enable the wheel lift base to securely rest on the surface to prevent any movement after the lift

-Vehicle Service Pros online

FREE YETI - Beat the Heat Promotion

June 20, 2017 --

Download PDF File (1.2MB)

Hydraulic Solutions Catalog

June 7, 2017 -- Click on the link below to view our Hydraulic Solutions catalog!

Sadler Power Train closing for Memorial Day

May 24, 2017 -- Sadler Power Train will be closed on Monday, May 29th in honor of Memorial Day. We will resume regular business hours on Tuesday, May 30th.

We thank you for your continued business and hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day weekend.

Beat the Heat - R134A Freon Refrigerant Keg - On Sale Now

May 23, 2017 --

Sadler Service Smarts - Most common causes of compressor failures

May 19, 2017 -- 1) Low Refrigerant Charge
2) Leaks with the System
3) Contamination in the System
4) Lack of Lubrication
5) Clutch Failure due to System Failure
6) Blockage or Restriction within the system
7) Insufficient Condenser Cooling

Beat the Heat with MEI AC products, call today

Safety First! 2017 Safety Catalog

May 17, 2017 --

We've got the products you need to stay safe and avoid inspection fines and downtime!

Ingersoll Rand - 3/4'' Impact Wrench - #2145QIMAX

May 3, 2017 -- The Ingersoll Rand 2145QiMAX 3/4" Drive Impactool™ delivers incredible performance and industrial-grade durability in an impact wrench. Plus, its efficient air motor reduces air consumption to save you money. Perfect for the most demanding applications, such as truck and bus service, construction and agricultural equipment maintenance, as well as the MRO market. Also available in: 2145QiMAX-3 3" extended anvil and 2145QiMAX-6 6" extended anvil

NEW Gray Agricultural Sprayer Bottle Jack - #535

May 2, 2017 -- 100% air operated
Built-in vehicle stand feature
Multiple width saddle options
Removable handle
Use in pairs with the air valve T-Connector
20,000 lb capacity

Cargo Securement Tip Sheet by the CVSA

April 28, 2017 --

Download PDF File (4MB)

Ancra SilverCap OverDrive Ratcheting Cap

April 26, 2017 -- Convert any winch into a ratcheting winch by adding Ancra’s OverDrive Ratcheting Cap.

The lubricated cap with a Grime Guard Weather-Tight Seal fits over the existing winch cap without having to remove the winch from the trailer, making it faster and safer than conventional winches.

Beat the Heat - Eaton Weatherhead E-Z Clip System - On Sale Now

April 25, 2017 -- Over 4 million EZ Clip connectors are enhancing the quality of air conditioning and refrigeration systems all over the world. Providing incredible ease of use and the lowest possible permeation rates for A/C systems, the E-Z Clip system leads the industry in value and performance in even the most demanding applications.

The benefits of E-Z Clip are virtually endless:
- No guess work
- No leaking crimps
- No power supply needed
- As easy to use as a pair of pliers
- Easy to use in confined areas

Beat the Heat - R134A Freon Refrigerant Keg

April 13, 2017 --

Halogen Sealed Beam Lamp - H4656

April 12, 2017 -- Up to 50% brighter than conventional head lamps.

Better light coverage straight ahead and to the sides.

More resistant to vibration than conventional head lamps.

Trade No.: H4656

Replaces OEM Numbers: 4652 / HP465

Design Volts: 12.8 Volts

Lamp System: 4

Dimensions: 4-13/64" x 6-1/2" (100 mm x 165 mm)

Sealed Beam Service: Rectangle Lower

Base: three contact lugs

Freightliner Charge Air Coolers

April 10, 2017 -- S-19954, Late Cascadia class
S-19888, FLD XL Classic Class (1998 and up)
S-19955, Cascadia class
S-17115, Century, Columbia & M2 Class (1998-2001)
S-17116, Century, Columbia, & M2 Class (2002-2006)

MEI Receiver Driers 101

April 7, 2017 -- Receiver Driers 101: Receiver Driers are usually located on the high side of the a/c system before the expansion valve. The receiver drier "receives" liquid refrigerant from the condenser, stores it, filters out contaminates from the a/c system, and removes moisture. A/C systems using a receiver drier use an expansion valve to control the refrigerant flow

Grote BriteZone's Go Anywhere Mossy Oak - Hand Held LED Light

March 22, 2017 -- NEW IN STOCK!
Grote BriteZone’s Go Anywhere Mossy Oak - Hand Held LED Light is perfect for campers, hunters, fishermen or anyone who loves the outdoors.

With it's authentic Mossy Oak finish, magnetic base, and hours of charge hold, this light will provide hours of bright light, wherever you may go.

New Packaging...Same Great Brakes!

March 15, 2017 -- Over the next few weeks we will be transitioning our old white brake boxes to our new brown boxes. Even though the color has changed, they are still the same brakes inside!

NEW Lipe 15.5'' 10 spring clutch pack - LP108391-74

February 22, 2017 -- FEATURES:
Direct Pressure Springs
One Person Clutch Adjustment

LIPE™ clutches are engineered to provide lasting performance and optimal durability.

Additional features include:
*Case-hardened pressure plate assembly levers
*Value spring quality carbon steel pressure plate assembly springs
*Encapsulated needle bearings in the pressure plate assembly pivot holes
*Heavy duty cast iron release bearing housings
*Miba sintered friction material on the disc
*Valve spring quality carbon steel wire disc springs

Clutch Specifications:
Friction Material:
Disc Size:
Disc Type:
Release Type: (6) Wide Ceramic Buttons per side
15-1/2" x 10T x 2"
Coaxial 10 Spring
Kit Includes: Pressure Plate with attached Release Bearing, (2) Clutch Discs, Center Plate, Adapter Ring

Fumoto - The Original Oil Drain Valve

February 21, 2017 -- * Drain your engine oil with a touch of a finger
* Replaces drain plug for quick, easy, clean oil change
* No more contact with hot oil and no messy hands or clothes
* Eliminates stripped threads
* Ideal for drawing small sample of oil for oil analysis

Truck-Lite New 44 Series 4'' Combo Lamp - Now In Stock!

February 1, 2017 -- Truck-Lite Co., LLC, a worldwide leader in heavy-duty lighting and visibility systems, has added the 44 Series® Stop/Turn/Tail & Back-up Combination Lamp to its current 44 Series® offerings. Performing the functions of two lamps in one unit, the 44 Series® S/T/T & BU is available in flange or grommet mounts. The lamp also features a hardwired connector for tight-packaging applications, and 3-position LED Fit ‘N Forget® AMP connectors that are compatible with existing connection points on the vehicle harness.

Truck-Lite’s new, signature-style 4-inch combination lamp meets or exceeds all FMVSS 108 requirements when properly installed, even on vehicles over 80 inches wide. The stop function offers the same appearance and performance that the market has come to appreciate, and its distinct back-up feature provides a clear indication of the white reverse signal without impairing the effectiveness of the stop/turn/tail lamp when both are illuminated, thus staying true to Truck-Lite’s commitment of providing the safest and highest-quality visibility systems on the market.

In addition to its variety of mounting options, the lamp fits into standard 4-inch round mounting holes, making retrofitting even more convenient. Furthermore, just one of the new 44 Series® combination lamps will meet the FMVSS requirements for back-up function, which can save costs on the OEM level by eliminating the need to drill additional mounting holes. As a result, the newest member of the 44® Series family economically and safely serves the purpose of systems that typically require more lamps.

Drivers rave about Minimizer seats

January 19, 2017 -- Come in and check them out for yourself; we've got leather massaging models in Cedar Rapids and Dubuque. Or ask your Sadler Sales Professional for a demo.

We are honored to receive Triangle Suspension's 2016 Distributor of the Year

January 5, 2017 -- We are honored to receive Triangle Suspension's Distributor of the Year award for 2016. What a truly great partner to work with.

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Our FPPF sale has been extended through January!

January 4, 2017 -- Come in and get the Ultimate Winter Protection at an Ultimate Price!

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