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Congratulations Mark Hess on your retirement!

December 28, 2016 -- Congratulations Mark Hess!

December 23rd, 2016 marked the end of a fantastic career for Mark Hess at Sadler Power Train in Cedar Rapids. Mark officially retired on this day leaving behind 23 years of professionalism and expertise in the Heavy Duty Parts business.

Mark began his career on June 7th, 1993 and started forging the solid foundation that has made him one of the most coveted parts professionals in the Midwest. Team Sadler will sorely miss his expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Good Luck to Mark and his wife Deb in their new endeavors and many more rounds of golf at their leisure!!
The Sadler family of Professionals

Increase your bottom line with an Engine Start Module from Maxwell

December 28, 2016 -- Engine Start Module

Solves cranking issue; eliminates jump starts
Reduces idling; saves fuel
Reduces weight
Reduces battery replacement costs

Christmas and New Years Holiday Schedule

December 21, 2016 -- Christmas
Open: December 23 - Normal Hours
Closed: December 26

New Years
Open: December 30 - Normal Hours
Closed: January 2, 2017

As we reflect on all that we grateful for this Holiday Season, know that you are on our list! Customers like you have made our business strong and for that we are extremely grateful.

We have all Gray products ON SALE until the end of December!

December 15, 2016 -- The Gray TSL style jack has become a product known throughout the industry as the most reliable and long lasting lifting system of its type available on the market. The compact field ready design and low starting height makes it ideal for shop use or road service work

The Ultimate Winter Diesel Treatment - FPPF Total Power

December 8, 2016 -- Total Power is a high effective formula specifically formulated to provide significant performance benefits in all diesel fuels, including ultra low sulfur diesel and bio-diesel fuel blends.

Total Power is a combination of the technology of Fuel Power, Polar Power, Diesel Injector Cleaner, Cetane 8+, and includes a lubricity additive.
Used regularly, Total Power can offer the following benefits:
Contains Fuel Power.
Lowers CFPP.
Contains anti-gel.
Lowers pour point.
Cleans injectors.
Raises cetane.
Meets L-10.
Meets A.S.T.M. B.O.C.L.E.
Meets N-14.
Contains No Alcohols!

Omega - Pro Portable Power Supply Smart Vehicle Jump Starter - A Great Stocking Stuffer!

November 28, 2016 -- 350 Cranking amps and 700 peak amps
Reverse polarity protection

Compact 3" x 5.5" *Includes device charging ports

Automatic Power Cut Function: If the jump starter is connected to the vehicle for 45 seconds without successfully starting the engine, the jump starter will automatically go into sleep mode to avoid reverse charging.

New Delco Remy 42MT Starter Coreless Offering - In Stock!

November 11, 2016 -- Get the same Delco Remy 42MT reman starter without the need to deal with core, at a great low price.

We currently have the following part numbers in stock:

Download PNG File (36K)

We just received a leather, massaging seat in Cedar Rapids; come in and check it out!

November 4, 2016 -- The Minimizer™ Heavy Duty Semi Truck Seat System is designed with the driver’s health and safety in mind. Leveraging decades of research in seats and suspensions, Minimizer™ has incorporated ergonomics, safety and whole body health into one “system” that provides all of the desired features requested by professional drivers, and more!
The Minimizer™ Heavy Duty Semi Truck Seat System meets the physical and functional demands that are inherent to operating big trucks. We are so sure that our seats will provide the comfort, support, safety and durability you require, we cover these seats with our Minimizer™ Lifetime Warranty*. Look below for more information about how great the Long Haul System will be for you and your health.

NEW Leatherman M7R Flashlight - Now In Stock!

November 1, 2016 -- The M7R features all the bright 400 lumen power of the M7, in a longer running and rechargeable model. This rechargeable flashlight doesn't compromise on anything. With the premium Advanced Focus System™ for near-to-far beam adjustment and Focus Lock™ to keep your place when holstering, this is a tactical light any professional would love to have.

This light includes the Floating Charge System™ for recharging on the wall, or on the go with the USB cable.

The M7R flashlight is perfect for professionals or civilians who only want the best.

FPPF Winter Fuel Treatment Sale going on now!

October 26, 2016 --

Download JPG File (116.7K)

NEW Baldwin filter for Cummins ISX engines

October 17, 2016 -- In overall efficiency, the Baldwin BD50000 meets or exceeds the OE filter over the full life of the filter.

1.High Overall Efficiency: provides superior protection against wear and extends parts life

2.High Capacity: 17% greater capacity than the OE for longer filter life

3.Lower Flow Restriction: 40% lower restriction at cold-start improves flow and reduces wear

4.Unsurpassed Structural Integrity: superior reinforcement ensures durability and prevents contaminant leaks

Download PDF File (1.3MB)

We are now a proud distributor for US Tarp

October 7, 2016 -- US Tarp is a leading manufacturer of tarping systems for dump trucks, trailers, and refuse applications. Selling complete tarp systems, replacement parts, and heavy duty tarps.

Please contact your Sadler Sales Professional for more information.

Brake Safety Week Upkeep Tips

September 12, 2016 -- Bendix Offers Comprehensive Brake Safety Week Upkeep
In support of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's annual Brake Safety Week, Bendix is offering upkeep tips for drivers and fleets.

Part of CVSA’s Operation Airbrake, Brake Safety Week is an annual outreach and enforcement campaign aimed at improving commercial vehicle brake safety. This year’s event takes place from Sept. 11-17 and will include thousands of inspection on large trucks and buses conducted by local, state, provincial, territorial and federal safety officials in the U.S. and Canada.

“The road to safer vehicles may begin with new technologies and improved braking components, but it also requires supporting them through proper maintenance and ongoing, proactive training and technical knowledge,” said Fred Andersky, Bendix director of government and industry affairs. “The best-equipped vehicle out there is not running at its safest without the right upkeep and know-how both in the garage and on the road.”

Maintenance Matters
Friction selection, air system care, and upkeep of components affecting brake stroke all contribute to brake performance– which means they have a role to play in preparation for Brake Safety Week.

Whether a vehicle uses foundation drum or air disc brakes, it’s important to know when new friction is needed. Check friction regularly for cracks or missing pieces, ensure adequate thickness, and examine drums and rotors for signs of dragging brakes or overheating linings. For reference, the American Trucking Associations’ Technology and Maintenance Council’s Recommended Practice 627A aligns directly with CVSA inspection guidelines and provides visual illustrations for acceptable and out-of-service conditions.

When relining brakes on vehicles affected by federal Reduced Stopping Distance (RSD) regulations, ask suppliers for evidence of compliance. Not all replacement friction marketed as acceptable under RSD will actually perform to the standard.

Because an effective and safe air braking system is dependent on maintaining clean air, Bendix recommends monthly checks for moisture in the system, supported with the use of oil-coalescing air dryer cartridges like the Bendix PuraGuard. An air system contaminated by moisture– particularly oil– can suffer deterioration of components such as air seals, brake modulating valves, and brake chamber diaphragms. This can lead to air system leaks, which are targeted during Operation Airbrake inspections.

Brake stroke measurement is also a Brake Safety Week focal point. During last year’s event, more than 1,400 vehicles were placed out of service because they had wheel-ends beyond the maximum allowable stroke or out-of-adjustment. Drivers can incur fines if 25% of a vehicle’s wheel-ends are non-compliant. Bendix recommends measuring wheel-end stroke by checking the distance from the chamber to the large clevis pin with the brakes released, and again after a fully charged brake application.

Automatic slack adjusters must never be repeatedly adjusted to correct for out-of-adjustment conditions. This out-of-adjustment condition repeatedly occurring indicates that there is another problem, and technicians should look for the root cause. Some things a technician should check more closely for include excessive wear of the cam head, bushings, or rollers; proper installation of the slack adjuster; and proper operation of the slack adjuster itself per the manufacturer’s procedures (for example, “Bendix Air Drum Brakes Service Manual BW-7258”), since manual adjustment will not correct this issue.

“We regularly stress the importance of learning and addressing the causes of out-of-adjustment brakes that are equipped with automatic slack adjusters, since properly installed and maintained adjusters should not require routine manual brake adjustments during maintenance inspections,” said Keith McComsey, director of marketing and customer solutions, wheel-end at Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake. “Brake adjustment has a direct impact on brake performance and safety, which is one reason it comes under scrutiny during Brake Safety Week inspections.” (Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake is a joint venture between Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems and Dana Commercial Vehicle Products.)

Drivers’ Duties
Driver preparation for Brake Safety Week inspections begins with focused knowledge and observation– the same tools that safety-minded professional drivers already use every time they are on the road.

Familiarity with the vehicle systems’ blinking light fault codes, and knowing how to address them, helps ensure safe operation. For example, antilock braking system (ABS) warning lights convey key information on problems with components such as wheel speed sensors. Additionally, on vehicles equipped with traction control and stability control systems, issues are indicated via the traction control/stability control lamp. Blinking light codes for both systems can be accessed using the dashboard diagnostic switch or a remote diagnostic unit, allowing drivers and technicians to pinpoint and address issues by using the fault code information in the system’s service data sheet.

Pretrip checks and system leak tests should be a regular part of any safe driver’s practices.

To check for leaks, Bendix recommends a 90 to 100 psi brake application, followed by a walk-around vehicle inspection that includes listening for audible leaks. CVSA inspections will go a step further, testing the vehicle’s low air pressure warning device, and measuring the air loss rate if a leak is detected.

During visual inspections, check the air system carefully for loose hoses; and at the wheel-ends, make sure that the air chambers, pushrods and slack adjusters are not damaged or hanging loose. For air disc brakes, check the guide pin boots and tappet boots to make sure they are intact, without cracks or tears that could allow moisture inside.

Although it’s not necessary to get under the vehicle every trip, Bendix recommends doing that once or twice a week. Drivers should check air disc brake rotors for cracks, and inspect the lining wear on drum brakes without dust shields, since this can be done without removing the wheel.

Inspection Day
Drivers whose vehicles are selected for roadside checks during Brake Safety Week can expect Operation Airbrake inspectors to examine the following: driver’s license, registration, low air warning device, pushrod travel (brake adjustment), brake linings and drums, air loss rate if a leak is detected, and tractor protection system.

Since these inspections are one-time examinations of a particular item, they generally fall under the Level IV category of North American Standard Inspection Levels. CVSA notes, however, that many inspectors will be conducting Level I inspections, which are the more thorough North American Standard Inspection. Furthermore, in 10 jurisdictions where performance-based brake testing equipment is used, vehicles’ braking efficiency will also be measured.

Operation Airbrake inspection procedure includes:

Checking the air brake mechanical components
Checking the steering axle air brake mechanical components
Checking the brake adjustment
Building the air system’s pressure to 90-100 psi
Checking the air brake antilock braking system, if applicable
Testing the air loss rate, if necessary
Testing the low air pressure warning device
Checking the tractor protection system
Finalizing the paperwork and providing the results to the driver
“Although this information is focused on helping teams across the trucking industry prepare for Brake Safety Week, year-round knowledge and equipment support is a key piece of Bendix’s approach to helping improve highway safety,” said Andersky. “From the free courses at the Bendix On-Line Brake School to our long-established in-person Brake Training School sessions, to the experience of our field-tested sales and service professionals, we strive to make our resources available 24/7/365 to keep vehicles on the road and in good working condition.”

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems develops and supplies active safety technologies, energy management solutions and air brake charging and control systems and components for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

New Product - Centrifical Clutch

September 9, 2016 -- Mid America Clutch MU-121000, 2'' - 10 SPLINE

Download PDF File (143.5K)

TopDawg cameras now in stock

September 2, 2016 --

Download PDF File (505.8K)

2 for 1 Maxwell ESM Promotion

September 2, 2016 -- Get 2 for the price of 1 on Maxwell 1800 Electronic Start Module. Save over $5,000 in the 8 year life of 1 Maxwell ESM.
Contact any Sadler Power Train location for more information.

Download PDF File (334.5K)

NEW PRODUCT - Leatherman Multi-Tools!

August 2, 2016 -- We are proud to announce that we are now an official distributor of Leatherman multi-tools!

For the last 30 years, Leatherman has crafted U.S. made multi-tools and knives that can endure just about anything and come back to work tomorrow. Its American spirit of ingenuity, innovation and quality craftsmanship is second to none.

New UltraShift DM Clutch - IN STOCK

July 21, 2016 -- Part# 121000-1
700 ft/lbs torque capacity
1.75 / 10 input shaft

Eliminates the need for a clutch pedal and helps to maximize clutch life.

At the front of the UltraShift 6, 10 and 13-speed transmissions is the UltraShift DM clutch, which engages and disengages without an in-cab pedal. The AutoClutch uses a traditional two-plate configuration for heavy duty and single-plate for medium duty, complete with soft rate dampers and ceramic facings for smooth engagement.

NEW IN STOCK - Buyers LED Floodlight

July 14, 2016 -- LED Floodlight

LED Floodlight
Die Cast Powder Coated Aluminum housing
Retangular with 3 diodes
Surface Mounting
3 Clear LED
Part# 1492139
Clear Lens
Depth: .86"
Width: 3.03"
Height: 1.73"
Mounting Holes: 1/4" on 2.17" centers
12-24 Volts
.34 Amps @ 12 volts, 4.08 watts
1260 Lumens
18" lead with blunt cut ends
Includes flat surface and tubular mounts

MEI Truck Air Parts Now IN STOCK!

June 24, 2016 -- It’s getting hot out there. Stay cool with “TRUE ALL MAKES” Truck Air Parts from MEI. We have over 230 AC part #’s in stock!

ConMet Releases Wheel End Replacement App

June 24, 2016 -- Wheel end supplier ConMet has launched a mobile app to help customers find a replacement hub assembly for a heavy-duty truck or trailer.

The Aftermarket Wheel End Replacement App is available on both iOS and Android platforms for smart devices and is also available online. The app provides a variety of ways for users to select the correct replacement hub.

The first option is to provide the original hub assembly number and the app will display the proper replacement hub part and a link to the hub specifications. The customer can use that number to purchase the hub from a ConMet stocking location.

If there is no assembly part number available, a user can view a video or written instructions on how to find the assembly number on the original hub itself. That number can then be inputted and used to find the replacement hub.

If no hub assembly number can be found, the last option guides the user through a few simple questions that will lead to the applicable hub assembly. For trailer applications, the app provides an option for a low-cost, manually-adjusted Conventional hub replacement.

“There are over 10 million ConMet wheel hubs on vehicles going down the road today,” said Larry Sanford, ConMet’s vice president of aftermarket. “This app enables customers to quickly identify a replacement aftermarket hub assembly equivalent to the one originally installed on the vehicle. Aftermarket hub assemblies will be carried in stock by ConMet as well as our network of stocking Dealers and Distributors so that orders can be filled in 24 to 48 hours.”

Vipar HD Expands TruckForce Service Center Program

June 15, 2016 -- Vipar Heavy Duty has expanded its TruckForce Service Center program with added tools, resources and services to support independent service centers.

The program, formerly known as ViPro TruckForce, is a designed to help independent repair facilities manage and grow business using products from major industry suppliers. TruckForce Service Centers employ skilled, trained technicians to offer comprehensive tractor and trailer service.

“The rebranded TruckForce Service Center program offers educational webinars, business and management training and new marketing tools to help support independent shops of all sizes in today’s competitive market,” said Jeff Paul, director of marketing, Vipar Heavy Duty. “Members also benefit from access to a broader depth of quality products available through the Vipar Heavy Duty family of companies.”

Vipar Heavy Duty partners with big manufacturers and features their branded products. The TruckForce program provides a conduit to partner with independent service shops so that they can have access to top-branded products and other tools and resources.

“More often than not the customer will opt for a premium branded product because of the advantages they provide,” said Paul. “Downtime is money lost for truck operators, so having their vehicle serviced with quality products at their local TruckForce Service Center to keep their truck on the road brings peace of mind.”

NEW Fast Flaps from Minimizer

May 26, 2016 -- Key Facts

Fast flap brackets are made from stainless steel, heat tempered to spring steel.

A screwdriver (minimum length of 10″) pries the Fast Flaps bar apart, allowing you to insert the mud flap into the gap.

One Fast Flap kit includes everything you need to mount two mud flaps(not included).

Fast Flaps secure mud flaps without creating any holes in the flap or sacrificing strength. It takes more than 500 pounds of pressure to detach a mud flap from the Fast Flaps stainless steel bar, and the result doesn’t damage the flap. Our customer’s tell us that because of Fast Flaps, damage to mud flaps, hanger brackets and fenders is eliminated entirely

The Minimizer Fast Flap is ideal for Dump Trucks, Cement Mixers, Asphalt, Block, Logging, Roll Off and Garbage Trucks. Also great for Freight Haulers that frequently experience mud flap damage.

ConMet PreSet Hubs Now In Stock

April 20, 2016 -- PreSet hubs offer superior technology, resulting in lower maintenance costs and improved vehicle performance.
Pre-adjusted bearings for maximum life
Eliminates misalignment and installation damage
Efficient maintenance through field serviceable design
Hubcaps with added contamination protection

WE'RE HIRING! Additional Opening - Parts Counter Professional in Cedar Rapids

March 24, 2016 -- Additional Opening in Cedar Rapids for an experienced parts counter professional

Based on Experience

Health and Dental
Flex Spending
Paid Vacations and Holidays

NEW PRODUCT - Omega Portable Power Supply & Jump Starter

March 11, 2016 -- Portable Power Supply and Jump Starter. Starting current: 350 Amps, Peak: 700 Amps.
Smart jump start functions include:
Automatic Power Cut Function:
-If the jump starter is connected to the vehicle for 45 seconds without successfully starting the engine, the jump starter will automatically go into sleep mode to avoid reverse charging
Overload & Thermal Protection:
-If voltage or temperature exceed parameters, the jump starter will be automatically disengaged and automatically reset.
Output Short Circuit Protection:
-In case of any short circuit, the red light will be visible and the jump starter will automatically disengage.
Patented, Automatic Reset function w/Thermal & Reverse Polarity Protection
USB Charge Connectors for Phones & Tablets
Hard Carry-Case Included
Battery Charger
Jump Starter - Gasoline Engine 12V/250A
Device Charger - USB 5V/2A Cables for iPhones, iPads and Most Mobile Phones
Safe, powerful and compact
One year warranty

NEW PRODUCT - Mag-Hytec Differential Covers

March 7, 2016 -- Magnetic drain plug and anodized aluminum dipstick with magnetic insert

O-rings require no gaskets or sealant

Routine lube maintenance without removing the differential cover

1/8 NPT temperature sender port
303 stainless steel hardware

Lube level reference plug
Finned aircraft aluminum housing

Requires allen key wrenches (included) for installation and service

Fits with most factory suspension systems and aftermarket anti-sway bars

We're Hiring! Immediate Opening - Diesel Tech in Davenport

February 5, 2016 -- Immediate Opening for Diesel Technician/Mechanic in Davenport

Must possess your own tools

1st shift, M-F 8am to 5pm

Salary based on experience

Health and dental insurance
401k / Roth IRA retirement package
Flex spending
Paid vacation and holidays

For more information:
Contact Matt Goodding at our Davenport location, 563-386-4213 or email at

Distributor of the Year Presentation Video

February 4, 2016 -- Check out the entire award presentation from last week in Las Vegas

Sadler Power Train named Distributor of the Year

January 26, 2016 -- We're proud to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Truck Parts and Service Magazine's Distributor of the Year Award.

This award is a recognition to the tremendous effort Team Sadler places in delivering the best products and services to our customers.

We would like to thank our valued customers and business partners for their ongoing support and recognition to our team that we continue to be a leader in our field.

Be ready for the COLD next week!

January 7, 2016 -- Polar Power - Diesel Anti-Gel & Water Dispersant
30 Day Limited Warranty
Superior Protection In Cold Weather Months
Treats 250 Gallons
32 Oz. Bottle

Total Power - Diesel Fuel Treatment
30 Day Limited Warranty
Deluxe Winter Diesel Treatment
Treats 60 Gallons
12 Oz. Bottle

MeltDown - Diesel Anti-Gel
30 Day Limited Warranty
Emergency Road Treatment Dissolves Gelled Fuel
Treats 50 Gallons
32 Oz. Bottle

Download PDF File (185.8K)

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