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Major causes of lighting failure from Grote

August 2, 2019 -- 1. Corrosion in the wiring
The highway environment is one of the most toxic environments encountered by vehicular and specialized equipment. Water is bad, but salt water and ice buildup is worse. The basic problem is that salt water corrodes wiring at a more rapid rate than plain water and also wicks farther along wiring than rain water. Here’s what to do before the ice and salt brine season starts.

The trick is to completely seal off all wiring from the elements. Here’s how:

Check all your connections. Loose connections are prime water entry points. Make sure all exterior sections of connection surfaces are liberally coated with anti-corrosion grease and check that the connection closes correctly and forms a tight closure.

If wiring goes through a hole in a trailer wall or partition, make sure the hole edges are covered by a grommet or similar material. If not, the wire will fray and short out. Frayed wiring is a perfect entry point for salt water. It will enter any opening in the insulation and wick salt water through the harness, so inspect all wiring and make sure all frayed wiring is spliced out and properly sealed. There should be no taped splices in your wiring. All splices should be heat sealed with shrink splices. This is always true, but winter grime build up often hides splices that need attention.

Any wires that hang down from their correct runs on the exterior of trailers are prime candidates for ice buildup. As ice accumulates, the increased weight pulls on the wiring, causing more fraying, loose, or severed connections, lamp dislocations, and stress on splices. If a wire or cable pulls out completely, you can lose your lighting. Once again the remedy is obvious. Wiring needs to be tucked and tied up using plastic tie wraps into its run so that ice can’t dislodge it. If a wire has to be exposed, a tie wrap can often prevent failure due to ice buildup. Check to see that drip loops are not in a place where unseen ice builds up. In winter, drip loops no longer always deflect water as they do when the temperature is above freezing.
Wires that are incorrectly spliced and/or are beginning to corrode are not good conductors of electricity. As a result, lamps, especially ABS indicator lamps or stop/tail/lamps, will flicker or stop working altogether, creating a dangerous and often illegal situation.

Battery and nose box connections need to be checked to make sure the required current is present. Terminals should be cleaned, tightened, and greased to protect the battery and the overall electrical service.

Choosing a harness design that uses male pin lamp terminations is always a safer and better idea in all seasons, but especially so in winter. If ice does succeed in pulling wiring free of a lamp, the free wire will not short out its circuit by contacting metal surfaces on the trailer.

2. Sealing Out Corrosion
Dielectric grease has been around a long time. It works great when it is used correctly, but it’s trouble in a tube when misapplied.

Originally used on AC motors to protect them from shorts from exterior intrusion, dielectric grease’s ability to protect electrical connectivity over long periods of time soon found another role as a barrier to corrosion when used on electrical circuitry. Its protective properties allow trucks and trailers to operate over long periods of time in the face of ever more corrosive salt-based solutions used in larger amounts every year on Northern highways.

When grease was first used in harnesses, it wasn’t necessarily a marriage made in heaven. Some of the early compounds dried out prematurely. On top of that, many earlier rubber and synthetic rubber harnesses could not stand up to the chemical compounds in the grease, which would leach into the rubber compounds of the harness, debilitating its resistance to salt water corrosion though subsidence or cracking. Our industry-leading Grote UBS™ Ultra Blue Seal harness system solves all those problems.

Grote UBS™ harnesses use a soft, low durometer PVC that provides the best results when it comes to harness resistance to the effects of dielectric grease. UBS harnesses are resistant to chemical and UV attack, stay flexible, and won’t harden or crack. When used correctly with our dielectric grease, harness connections can remain free of corrosion over the lifetime of a trailer. The key word here is “correctly”.

3. Harness to Harness Connections
Whenever a harness connection is opened, either harness to harness or harness to lamp, a specific procedure should take place. Old grease should be cleaned out with a Q-Tip or similar tool, taking care not to gouge or scratch any part of the harness. Make sure the grease applied covers the pins themselves. New grease should be applied, not so much because the old stuff goes bad, but because adding new grease on top of old may be too much for the size of the connection. This creates a hydraulic effect, preventing the harness sections to close properly, preventing a complete seal.

Grote recommends that grease be put in both sides of the harness connection and recommends that for best performance, when available, a grease collar can be installed over the harness to harness connection as shown in the accompanying illustration. In this example, the collar contains the grease and helps prevent the connection from coming apart over the life of the trailer.

4. Harness to Lamp Connections
There are female lamp pin/male harness designs and male lamp pin/female harness designs. Both designs have their adherents. Grote provides both AMP and male lamp pin designs. The connector style we use is determined by our customers.

We prefer the male lamp pin design because after years of testing, we know that a greased male lamp pin design outperforms other designs. This style allows a super-tight harness within the lamp seal that does not relax with age, even in the presence of grease. Also, this design stands up better to ice loading on an exposed harness, the weight of which can pull the connection apart. And if the connection does let go due to damage from events such as a tire tread delamination, there is much less chance of a short circuit from a loose female harness connection connecting with an exposed metal part of the trailer. Regardless, of which connection style you choose, it is important not to use too much grease which can prevent a connection from closing correctly.

5. Which Harness to Spec – Custom or Modular?
The idea is to never compromise the harness by adding ways for salt intrusion to come in contact with its wiring. On the one hand, modular harness connections must be kept inviolate by using techniques described above. On the other, a modular harness gives you the ability to change or add to the harness without adding a splice which can add a salt gateway to the wiring if not done correctly. For example, if the harness is damaged, by going back to the last connection a new pigtail or harness section can be added without compromising the harness system.

A custom harness minimizes the need to splice a harness, but only when it is used as originally designed. Thus, when an improvement becomes available for the lighting of the trailer or the harness is damaged, splicing may be the only solution.

We will be closed Thursday, July 4th

July 3, 2019 -- We will be closed on Thursday, July 4th and reopen on Friday, July 5th.
Have a safe and fun Independence Day!

Sadler Power Train Cedar Rapids to host 1st annual Off-Road and Outdoor Event

June 20, 2019 -- Come out and enjoy our first annual Off-Road and Outdoor Event. Enter your Jeep or truck in the show and shine. There is a $500 grand prize and $250 prizes for baddest Jeep and baddest truck.

So, whether your Jeep or truck is all shined and ready for a weekend trail, is muddy and just got back from the trail or you just take it to the grocery store, everyone is welcome.

We will also be featuring: outdoor workshops by Nomad Overlanding, vendor training sessions, giveaways, County Line BBQ, Hawkeye Yard Games, giveaways, and much more!

Giveaways include: ARB fridge/freezer, 1/10 scale electric Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Leatherman tools, ARB speedy seal repair kit, coolers, Yeti's and much more!

$10 Entry Fee per person | Children 12 and under FREE. Fee includes: Entry into show and shine | County Line BBQ meal & soda | All workshops and vendor sessions

Help nominate us for Truck Parts and Service Magazine's - Distributor of the Year

May 20, 2019 -- Dear Valued Customer,
As you might know, because of your outstanding support, Sadler Power Train received the 2015 Distributor of the Year award presented by Truck Parts & Service magazine.

This year we would like to repeat this outstanding achievement, but we need your help!

If you feel that we are worthy of the Distributor of the Year award, please click on the link below and kindly nominate us.

We thank you for your continued business and support!

CVSA Roadchecks scheduled for June 4 - 6, 2019

May 9, 2019 -- The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck will take place June 4-6. Over that 72-hour period, commercial motor vehicle inspectors in jurisdictions throughout North America will conduct inspections on commercial motor vehicles and drivers.

2018 Roadcheck Top Violations:
1. Hours of service – 43.7%
2. Brake systems – 28.4%
3. Tires/Wheels – 19.1%
4. Brake adjustment – 16.3%
5. Cargo securement – 13%
6. Lighting – 12%
7. Suspension – 4.2%
8. Steering – 2.2%
9. Other – 1.5%

We have the parts to make sure you pass with flying colors!

We are now Extreme Cam distributors

May 3, 2019 -- The Extreme Cam™ is a unique fully enclosed s-cam bushing system that is engineered to extend the life of your brakes. You can convert any trailer to the Extreme Cam s-cam bushing system. The Extreme Cam is available in s-cam lengths from 11” to 30” and spider diameters of 1 7/8”, 2”, 2 1/8”, or 2 3/16".

Increase S-CAM Bushing Life
Extreme Cam converts your s-cam into a long journal bearing. By distributing loads over a larger surface area, wear from vibration and torsional loads is greatly reduced. Extreme Cam shafts utilize a machined surface over the entire length. The Extreme Cam tube is sealed on both ends and includes both a grease zerk as well as a grease relief valve.

Improve Brake Performance
Worn s-cam bushings cost money and impair brake performance. Symptoms of worn bushings include uneven or premature brake wear. Most symptoms of worn bushings have a detrimental effect on brake
performance: decreasing stopping power and causing linings to fail or wear prematurely. Extreme Cam
extends the life of s-cam bushings, maintaining proper brake performance, and saving you money.

Protect S-Cams from Damage
Extreme Cam protects s-cams from road damage and corrosion by using a sealed protective tube. Grease fittings allow the tube to fill with grease without overcharging or hydro-locking. Extreme Cam protects s-cams from extreme road conditions.

Sadler Service Smarts: Hydraulic Hoses

March 14, 2019 -- Identify and replace worn hydraulic hose assemblies before they fail. Sudden hose-assembly failure can put an unplanned stop to your day.

Tip 1: Consider the big picture
In order to better manage your equipment maintenance in a cost-effective manner, look beyond the initial costs of hose-assembly replacement. Unscheduled downtime due to hose failure means equipment and workers are idle waiting for the hose to be replaced. Proactive hose-assembly replacement could significantly lower your odds of downtime.

Tip 2: Look for these early warning signs
Train your operators to visually inspect hoses as part of their daily pre-operation checklist. There are several warning signs to look for when conducting a visual inspection:
Damaged, cracked, cut, or abraded hose covers cracked, damaged, or corroded hose fittings leaks at fittings or along the hose kinked, crushed, flattened, or twisted hose

When one of these signs is evident, call your local Sadler Power Train to schedule hose-assembly replacement.

Tip 3: Develop a hose-replacement program
Regular inspections will identify worn hydraulic hose assemblies before they can fail. Catching problems early can save time and money. Scheduling brief downtime to replace hoses will cause the least disruption to your operations. You can develop hose-replacement programs on your own, or your local Sadler Power Train can help formulate a proactive plan to meet your needs.

Jaltest software update 19.1 is here!

March 5, 2019 --


Cojali launches its latest software update for North America’s leading all-makes diagnostics tool, Jaltest Diagnostics.

As with past instalments, the 19.1 software version adds considerable new innovations to continue helping all-makes shops get the job done the first time around, offering unparalleled access to OE-level Maintenance Tools and Technical Information. Technicians can enjoy access to the broadest diagnostic capabilities available in the industry today, with a tool that delivers when most needed.

This new version includes:
☑ 9 new makes.
☑ 514 new models.
☑ 1,849 new systems.
☑ 14,625 new fault codes.
☑ 3,271 troubleshooting guides

Buy an ARB air locker and get a FREE compressor

February 27, 2019 -- Through March 31, 2019

In-stock products only.

Free CKSA12 air locker activation system compressor with the purchase of an ARB air locker

Wheel end preparation in cold weather

February 8, 2019 -- Here are a few reminders on Wheel-End preparation in this cold weather...
1. Check air brake chamber housings for corrosion – or damage that could allow corrosive materials to take hold – and ensure that dust plugs are properly installed.
2. On drum-braked wheel-ends, lubricate the automatic slack adjusters, clevis pin connections, cam tubes, shafts, and bushings. Lubrication is an effective tool for combatting corrosion, since it keeps moisture at bay.
3. On wheel-ends with air disc brakes, check the guide pins and inspect the boots for tears or punctures that could permit corrosion of the caliper within. Replace any pins or boots as needed. Verify that the shear adaptor cover is in place and fully seated.
4. Ensure free movement of air disc brake pads in the carrier – remove them and clean the carrier surface with a wire brush, if necessary – and make sure that the brake moves freely on its guidance system.

We will be closed Saturday, February 2nd

February 1, 2019 -- WE WILL BE CLOSED

Saturday, February 2, 2019
Cedar Rapids and Davenport locations
For our software conversion

For emergencies please call
Please leave a message on our after hours service line
Thank You

Online Ordering will be down until 2/3

February 1, 2019 -- Online ordering will be down starting at 5:00pm on Wednesday 1/30 until Sunday 2/3 for our software conversion.

If you need parts ordering assistance, please contact your local Sadler location. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your business.

Working with batteries safely

January 31, 2019 -- Automotive lead-acid batteries contain hydrogen-oxygen gases that can be explosive. The acid inside the battery is highly corrosive and can cause severe burns on your skin if it leaks out of the battery. To help avoid danger and injury, look down below with these safety precautions when handling and working with a lead-acid battery. Handle with care as acid could leak out if the battery is cracked or damaged.

Wear protective gear when working with batteries.
By wearing proper eye protection, this will help prevent any acid from going into your eyes. Always wear rubber gloves or mechanics gloves when pouring the acid into the battery could burn your hands. In addition to wearing proper protection, make sure to remove all types of jewelry to prevent any shocks or burns if it were to touch the battery terminals.

Keep all flames, sparks, and cigarettes away from the battery.
When working with car batteries, make sure to not smoke or cause any sparks anywhere near your work area. This could cause the battery to catch fire or even explode.

Work in a well ventilated area.
When working with car batteries, be sure you are in a well ventilated area due to batteries off-gassing harmful chemical fumes. To prevent any harmful inhalation, be sure to open a window or garage door to let the fumes out.

Never lean over the battery while boosting, testing or charging.
Any time you're working on your battery, whether its boosting, testing or charging, do not stand or lean over battery. Although it is not common, sparks or explosions can occur. It is safe practice to keep a safe distance while doing any of these tasks.

Never try to open a battery with non-removable vents.
Some batteries have removable caps to check and/or refill fluid, however, some batteries are permanently sealed. Never attempt to open a sealed battery as it could be under pressure and can explode if punctured.

Clamp installation and removal.
When jumping your vehicle, always remember that upon initial clamping, place positive first, then negative. However, when its time to remove them, always remove negative first, then positive.

- Posted on the Noco Blog

Sadler Power Partner celebrates 100 Years!

January 29, 2019 -- 2017 Sadler Power Partner of the Year

January 28, 2019 - From Truck Parts and Service Magazine:

Triangle Suspension Systems is celebrating its first 100 years as a major supplier to the heavy-duty aftermarket in 2019.

During a press conference held Monday in conjunction with Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) 2019 in Las Vegas, Triangle gave an overview of the company and presented plans for the future.

Triangle Spring Company was founded in 1919 in Pittsburgh, Pa., and relocated from the Golden Triangle (the convergence of the three rivers in Pittsburgh) to its current location in DuBois, Pa., in 1927. The company was acquired by Marmon Group in 1969 and today Triangle Suspension Systems is a Marmon Highway Technologies/Berkshire Hathaway company

Triangle President George Koerner says Triangle services the heavy-duty aftermarket through a loyal customer base of over 1,400 authorized dealers. Triangle branded products include core products of Triangle leaf springs, Flagg suspension components and Continental/ContiTech air springs for heavy-, medium- and light-duty trucks and trailers.

Vice President, Sales and Marketing Vince Roth says Triangle springs are manufactured in DuBois, Pa., and have been American made, using U.S. steel, since the company’s founding in 1919. There are currently more than 6,000 multi-leaf spring and parabolic (taper) spring active SKUs available to the aftermarket. Roth says all of the company’s spring products are built to a meet or exceed all genuine OE specifications. Triangle offers custom engineered solutions for unique applications, such as its Flagg suspension line with more than 7,000 active part numbers covering the entire suspension undercarriage.

“We understand the need to diversify our product offerings,” Roth says.

As for its 20-year partnership with Continental/ContiTech, Roth says Triangle offers more than 400 SKUs and patented software to help distributors and end users find the correct air spring at any time.

Additionally, he notes Triangle’s WebSST online catalog tool provides distributors and installers essential technical information to ensure they order the correct components and related parts to complete repairs as quickly as safely as possible. “We make it as easy as we possibly can” for distributors to order replacement parts, Roth says.

Koener also states it consistently provides value to their customers with high-quality products, problem solutions, strong technical support, engineering expertise and a commitment to reliability and on-time delivery. “We believe people are our most important asset,” he says. “Customers, employees, and suppliers have all played a major part in our success and we know it doesn’t happen without all of them.”

Within the aftermarket, Koerner says Triangle has three distribution centers in the U.S., and ships any order placed before 3 p.m. same day. “We say what we do; we do not make promises we can’t keep,” he says.

The company says continued investment in product development, innovation, manufacturing, and technology as well as expanding their distribution network are on the horizon as Triangle embarks on their second 100 years. Koerner says Triangle is “up to the challenge,” and will continue to invest in its business.

“We’ll never lose sight of our customers’ needs,” he says.

Triangle is exhibiting its products and services in Booth 215 during HDAW.

Weather Announcement - Tuesday 1/22 delivery schedule

January 22, 2019 -- Weather Announcement - Tuesday Delivery

Cedar Rapids:
Drivers will proceed out and determine delivery schedule based on road conditions.

Will be running a southern route, all other drivers will be staying in.

Will be running a Highway 20 route. Other drivers will be staying in.

Drivers will proceed out and will determine delivery schedule based on road conditions.

If you need immediate assistance or have any questions, please call your local Sadler location. We will keep you up to date with any changes.

We thank you for your continued business and your understanding. Please be safe if doing any traveling today!

Valley Truck Parts named 2018 Sadler "Power Partner" of the Year

January 9, 2019 --

Sadler Power Train revealed the recipient of the company’s 2018 “Power Partner of the Year” award, honoring the top vendor partner for excellence in products, performance, customer service and partnership.

“We’re pleased to honor this year’s award winner, Valley Truck Parts. Valley’s dedication to outstanding customer service and quality products has led to a very important partnership between our two companies.” said Randy Kray, General Sales Manager for Sadler Power Train. “We thank all of our vendor partners for their contributions to another successful year as we strive to exceed customer expectations.”

Valley Truck Parts President, Gary Troost, along with other Valley Team members will be flying into Cedar Rapids on January 22 to receive the award at the Power Partner award luncheon.

The Sadler Power Train “Power Partner of the Year” award annually recognizes the outstanding vendor partner whose performance best exhibits our shared pursuit of goals and business performance with integrity.

Zerostart Battery Pad Heater - Installation Instructions

January 3, 2019 --

Operating in extreme conditions requires dependable solutions. Give your engine the help it needs to start in the coldest weather by installing silicone pad heaters. These durable engine heaters are designed to provide warmth to areas with fluid susceptible to freezing or thickening. Browse reliable heating solutions for a range of applications and industries. Custom solutions are available in addition to our standard product line. Contact us for more information.

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